Shipping Times

While e-commerce has certainly been hit hard with shipping and production delays, some stores still at 2 weeks out(!) I’m very happy to announce that there are no longer any delays with production or shipping from the companies who cut, sew, and ship the beautiful garments made to order for Orphan Riot Designs. Check out our breakdown of production and shipping times below. So order away with wild abandon! You deserve it!


 How It Works

  • Being the brilliant person you are you take advantage of the great deals and place an order for some products that will make your friends jealous.
  • Your order is instantly received and sent to our production team based in the Los Angeles, CA.
  • Our team begins work on your item either cutting and sewing or printing or both. This takes anywhere from 2-7 days for clothing and 2-5 days for non-clothing items. 
  • Once completed your order is sent out to you using standard USPS ground shipping.
  • Depending on where you are located your package will arrive anywhere from 3-4 days for clothing or 2-5 days for non-apparel. 
  • Total time from the moment you click "purchase" to the moment you receive your package is between 5-11 days for clothing and 5-9 days for all other items.
Not bad for having a custom made product eh?