Our Story

Our Story   

Orphan Riot Designs (a subsidiary of Golden Spiral Fashion & Lifestyle) began after a strange wind blew the life of owner Alex Kennedy in quite the unexpected direction-upside down.

"After over 25 years as a professional dancer, touring performer and instructor a chronic injury I chronically ignored took a more malevolent approach to getting my attention. The combination of running off of adrenaline, being an uptight perfectionist and zero self care developed into something that no longer left dancing as a career option."

She didn’t take ANY of it laying down however.
"I spent the next year in semi-isolation and then I began focusing on learning everything I could about what I had left, myself."

She traded in her days filled with rehearsal and stage makeup for filling them  studying Acupuncture, learning Reiki, becoming adept at Astrology, and developing a twice daily meditation practice. 

"The time came however when I couldn't meditate my bills away. I took a chance by monetizing my art on RedBubble. My daughter then talked me into opening an Etsy store (thank you India!)"

She migrated from making art in the physical space around her to making physical art others could wear, and hold, and keep.

"In 2007 I had just had a baby (the lovely Ophelia) and needed something creative to stay sane so I designed cool kids clothes under the brand "Orphans Riot". When I returned to the stage the clothing line faded away but the name remained so it seemed appropriate to revive it now"

Orphans Riot© was launched as an online boutique in 2018.

"Employee one. Customers. One."

In 2021 a second Etsy store launched focusing on the more esoteric side.

"BeWitched and BeWild is everything I love. I feel like it's me if I were somehow transformed into an online store."

November 2021 found the company making the decision to consolidate the two stores on the main commerce site giving BeWitched top billing and keeping OR on the side stage.

"I am so grateful for every visit and every order that trickles in, like the "drop....drop" of a leaky faucet, holding out hope for the day the faucet turns on- woosh!"

This enmeshing of the two stores are still in process as of this update



 "To all of you wonderful souls who have supported me and my tiny little corner of the e-commerce world I thank you deeply and sincerely. This dream is still small but it is infinite in it's potential- just like you."~Miss Alex Kennedy

Alex Kennedy owner-operator-mad woman